Antihopping clutch

The APTC is a worldwide patented slipper clutch and an absolute must for every ambitious biker.
The technology:
- Clutch hub divided in two, with the two halves connected by a clutch spring
- Helical gearing provides additional friction, to prevent the clutch from slipping when accelerating
- A special pressure plate guarantees maximum acceleration and provides the anti-hopping effect when shifting down
- Less force required to operate the clutch
Benefits for the supermoto rider:
- No rear wheel chatter when braking or shifting down - for clean, precise passages through the curves
- Throttle can be opened up sooner, providing greater acceleration out of the curve
- No vibration at the clutch lever
Benefits in offroad use:
- Smoother braking, even on uneven surfaces
- Rear wheel rotates evenly in varying surface conditions
- Better traction when accelerating out of corners, ensuring faster lap times
- Minimum force required to operate the clutch
Antihopping clutch
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